Paleo Cuban Pork Tenderloin

Paleo Cuban Pork Tenderloin

Served this delicious meal with sweet potatoes we had previously roasted, scooped out the insides and put in the freezer. Just add some cinnamon and orange zest and nuke in the microwave to re-heat.


  • 1 pork tenderloin, about 1 1/2 lbs.
  • 1/2 lb. thinly sliced deli ham
  • 1/4 lb. swiss cheese, optional
  • 1/2 c. dill pickles, sliced into long strips
  • 4 T yellow mustard
  • 2 T honey
  • S&P

  • Preparation:

    Get your oven to 450ºF.
    Look at your pork and you’ll likely see a sliver of skin that’s silver in color. That’s called the “silver skin” …it should be removed with your knife. Don’t worry about all the fat, that will cook away, but DO DO DO remove the silver skin. Salt and pepper both sides of the pork.
    Mix together the honey and mustard in a small bowl.
    This is the easy part, in whatever fashion you’d like, layer the ham, cheese and honey mustard into the pork loin.  When you’ve gotten about half way through, add the pickle slices (going long ways). Make sure to put the pickles long ways so when you slice the meat, you get a little bit in every bite. I suggest putting the pickles in half way through the stuffing process because otherwise it’s likely to cause the pork loin to be over stuffed and not roll up properly. Once you’re finished, roll the pork up. Using about 4 pieces of butcher’s twine, tie the pork together–don’t worry about the ends.
    Sear the pork loin over medium high heat (in an oven safe pan) in a bit of fat, until you see a nice brown crust on both sides.  Stick the pan in the oven and cook until the center of the pork loin measures 140ºF– about 25 minutes. Let it rest for around 10 minutes, then slice and serve. You may want to make another batch of honey mustard to serve as a dipping sauce.